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The Great Teenage Myth

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Why Shattering The Great Teenage Myth will Offer a Preteen, Teenager or Young Adult “True Freedom, True Independence and Greater Personal Power!"


Preteen, Teenager, Young Adult, Parent, Teacher or Helping Professional,

Let me start off by making you a BIG promise.  If you will open your mind and heart to truly understand what “The Great Teenage Myth” is all about, and if you have the courage to shatter this Great Myth, you will have the key which will unlock the door to True Freedom, True Independence, Greater Personal Power and Less Hassles In Your Life ….. thus creating the life you have always dreamed about.

As I said, that is a big promise and perhaps you are not yet convinced.  But I’m convinced that if you read the rest of this letter and take advantage of the opportunity presented to you ….. then “THANK YOU JOE” will be your mantra!

Let me prove it to you!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Joe Gandolfo.  For nearly 25 years, I have engaged firsthand the human experience as a professional speaker, author and licensed counselor.  I have coached, counseled and spoken to thousands of individuals and groups including youth, teenagers, collegiate student-athletes, professional athletes, adults, parents, helping professionals, educators, public and private schools, organizations and associations.

  • 25 years of clinical practice
  • 12 years as a Professional Speaker
  • 8 years on staff at The Homer Rice Sports Performance Center at Georgia Tech
  • 5 years university teaching
  • Georgia Tech
  • Georgia State University
  • Author of The Great Teenage Myth & 4 other books.
  • Host of The Successful Parenting Show on
  • Creator of The Successful Parenting Academy™
  • Creator of The Miracle Moms Movement™
  • Co-Founder of the Non-Profit:  Seeds of Greatness, Inc
  • Father of  2 Sons – ages 15 & 11 years
“The Great Teenage Myth has

excelled me onto a path of opportunity

that I never thought I could reach.”

Witt Coley - age 16

My 25 year professional background as a professional speaker, motivational counselor, consultant, trainer, university teaching and as performance consultant to the Georgia Tech Athletic Association created the expertise.  My personal journey as a kid, teen, college student, son, father of two boys, husband, divorcee and a “forever big kid at heart” guarantees my authenticity and humanness!

Fast forward to the present!

There is a Great Teenage Myth alive in this world!  All of my personal and professional encounters have lead me to the discovery and uncovering of a TRUTH, which I call The Great Teenage Myth.  I have shared this story of The Great Teenage Myth with hundreds of teenagers and adults over the last ten years, and frankly it has lead to the beginning of great success in the lives of many.

This Myth is alive in the hearts and minds of many preteens, teens and young adults walking around this planet.  Although most myths are harmless, this one is destructive.  When one believes and lives this Myth (and most are unaware that they believe and live the Myth) it keeps one from experiencing and having in their life – True Freedom, True Independence, True Personal Power.

Young people are not only living The Great Teenage Myth, they are perpetuating it each and every day, keeping its destructive power alive by sharing it with their friends and classmates.

Here are two Key Points to consider:
  • Key Point #1:  The whole idea of “play” as teenagers’ experience it today is a relatively new concept.
  • Key Point #2:  Before 1940, just over 65 years ago, there was technically no such thing as a teenager.

Only if you are willing to understand and shatter The Great Teenage Myth will you have given yourself the opportunity to experience and live what you truly desire and need in your life: Real Freedom, Real Independence, and Real Personal Power!!


“This book is 100% correct!  Parents only have certain controls over you.  Parents are there to teach you & help you out when you really need it.  Every other obstacle in life is all on you and your choices.”
Ryan C. - HS Student

I want to share with you:
  • The Great Teenage Myth™[eBook]

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This book comes to you thru 25 years of professional experience & expertise as well as being a fellow human traveler on the planet for 46 years.  My life work is that of a Teen Life & Parenting Expert and a conveyor of powerful ideas and principles that change lives.

I am on a mission to champion the greatest ‘gifts’ in today’s world – our youth, teenagers and young adults, as well as to rally, strengthen and energize the adults – parents, educators, helping professionals and organizations – who work with and care about our young people.

I hope that you enjoy, share & find much value in The Great Teenage Myth eBook.

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Peace & Blessings,

Joe Gandolfo, MA, LPC

Teenage Life and Parenting Expert, Professional Speaker, Author, Visionary, Motivational Counselor, Trainer and Consultant.